RBF Design Portfolio

Amazing is our middle name, figuratively. We've got a magical toolkit that covers everything from website wizardry to graphic design genius. And when it comes to printing, we'll make you look so good, it should be illegal.

Our expert team doesn't just sip coffee and hope for the best. No, we're all about making your vision jump off the screen and onto paper. And guess what? We're eco-warriors too. Our printing services are all about saving the planet one perfectly printed page at a time.


Communication is our jam. Pro Tip: Every meeting could be an email and we promise not to waste your time. We will however cozy up to you, ask the right questions, and really get under your brand's skin. No seriously, we ask a lot of questions. Yes, there will be a quiz, and yes you will have homework. We're not your nanny, this is a team effort. 

When you team up with us, you're getting more than a bunch of web and design geeks. You're getting a squad of passionate, caffeine-fueled wizards who can't wait to make your vision come to life. We're all about cutting-edge web and graphic design, and we even hug trees with our eco-friendly printing – it's a win-win for your brand and Mother Earth.

I cannot say enough positive things about the website built for me. From start to finish, their team was attentive, professional, and incredible to work with. They took the time to understand my business needs and preferences and created a website that exceeded my expectations. I have received so many compliments on my website. I am in love!!

Rachelle Gardner

I gotta tell ya, working with RBF Grafix was a real treat. These guys know their stuff and they’re super creative. The end result was better than I ever could have imagined. My website is slick, easy to use, and looks fantastic. And the graphic design work they did? Spot-on. It captures my vibe perfectly. If you need someone to help you with your website, these guys are the real deal. I’d recommend them to anyone.

Lenny Mack


This isn't a one-size-fits-all operation – we tailor-make solutions to help your business thrive. Nope, we roll up our sleeves, chat with you over a email, and craft a customized plan that'll knock your socks off.

Oh, and about branding? We'll make your brand stand out in a sea of lookalikes. Our team of designers are the Sherlock Holmes of branding – they'll crack the code to a cohesive identity that'll hit home with your audience.

So, if you want to stop blending in and start making waves, we're the creative misfits for the job. Get in touch and let's work some design magic.

Working with RBF Grafix was an absolute pleasure. They have a keen eye for detail and a true talent for creating visually stunning designs. They listened to my vision and worked with me to refine and perfect it. The end result was a product that perfectly captured everything I wanted for my brand. I couldn’t be happier with the work she did, and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Sarah Hinks

I just have to rave about my experience with RBF Grafix’s eco-friendly printing services! I was really impressed with the quality of their products and how they’re so committed to sustainability. From start to finish, everything went smoothly and their team was super helpful and accommodating. They are gorgeous and feel so silky. My prints are so pretty that I’m excited to show them off to my clients and customers. I can’t recommend RBF Grafix enough!

Stephanie Silva

She was able to help me complete my vision and the end product far exceeded my expectations! 10/10 would highly recommend. Same rates as other designers but you get a personal touch with it that money can’t buy.

Edward Miller

I wanted some special baby invitations made to go along with a theme that is not a normal theme. She did an amazing job of taking ideas that I threw at her and creating exactly what I wanted! It was definitely an amazing experience working with her on this project. She also made it extremely easy!

Krista Smith